Design by Tom Holtslag
In 2008 I graduated with honor at the department of man and Mobility of the Design Academy Eindhoven. In this department designers consider the concept of mobility in all its manifestations, real and virtual. The focal point is the movement and transportation of people, goods and information. Particular attention is paid to solutions to problems related to public versus private transport, addressing the mobility needs of the physically challenged and the elderly, city planning and infrastructure, street furniture, petrol stations, container terminals public exits and entrances.

Since I was little boy I always wondered about shapes in the environment. Especially I was wondering about the reason for certain shapes. As a designer I am looking for new possibilities, innovations and the context of shapes. Designing means to me looking for new possibilities of a product and giving it a new dimension. In this way I try to achieve new creations. Besides, the need and environment of people is changing constantly.

Designing is a versatile fantasy world without limits. Designing is wonderful!